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Dear Editor,

An important decision will be made on Tuesday, Oct. 30, by the Chaffee County
Planning and Zoning Commission. This group will determine the fate of Agastache
Village, a unique intentional community of 15 tiny homes to be developed on 19
acres of land by a local resident who plans to live there herself.

Of great significance is the fact that the Chaffee County Housing Policy Advisory
Committee voted to support this project at their recent meeting and encouraged the
commission to revise the zoning codes to better address a project such as this.

Marny Danneberg believes that being connected to your neighbors in a meaningful way is important to our quality of life. She also believes that there should be a viable housing option for those who want to be home owners but are restrained financially. I believe in these things too and feel strongly that this development would provide a high quality affordable alternative to present housing options in our county.

If you are in support of Marny’s project and, most importantly, are willing to speak before the commission on her behalf, please plan to attend the commission meeting at 6 p.m. Oct. 30 at the commissioners meeting room in the county courthouse. The commission needs to hear from us to encourage their issuance of a permit.

Marilyn Bouldin