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Dear Editor,

This is a challenging time for our schools. Efforts to keep students healthy and safe sometimes conflict with the need for in-school learning and activities, requiring difficult decisions. At the same time, our district is struggling for classroom and instructional space, updating graduation requirements, increasing trade courses, dealing with staff shortages, and facing a $1.8 million budget deficiency.

This is also the initial period of structuring how CMC will operate in our county. All this makes our upcoming school board elections a key priority for our community. We need thoughtful and informed school board members to guide our district. So I’m supporting Jodi Breckenridge Petit for District Two.

I’ve known Jodi since she first moved to Salida in 2016 and began her involvement in the schools here. She has been a substitute teacher, taught English as a second language, and assisted with student communication efforts at Horizons Exploratory Academy through the Full Circle Restorative Justice program. Jodi is an advocate for at-risk students of all ages. In addition, she has raised children who are recent graduates so she understands the parent perspective. She is clear thinking, reasonable, balanced, concerned, and takes the time to research a situation and formulate an opinion after looking at the issue from a number of angles. She is open to others’ ideas and values clear and candid dialogue with the goal of working together to achieve solutions.

Jodi was appointed to the school district when an opening occurred a year ago, so she is running for this office with some experience and has already negotiated the learning curve one goes through upon entering public service. She currently serves as Vice President.

Jodi has a background in education, focusing on educational leadership, and has taught chemistry and biology at the secondary level. She has operated a small business supporting American and U.S. allies’ special operations communities. She has consistently volunteered in the Salida community, assisting CCCF, FYI, and Boy Scout Troop 60.

Please join me in supporting Jodi Petit for school board District Two.


Cheryl Brown-Kovacic