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Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my support for Linda Stanley who is running for election on the Republican primary ballot for District Attorney (DA) of the 11th Judicial District ( ).  The voters’ decision on June 30 will decide whether she or Thom LeDoux, the prior District Attorney, will be the Republican nominee for DA in the November election.  A wise man recently said, the office of the district attorney doesn’t get as much attention as a presidential race, but has the most direct impact on issues like how communities are policed.”  I couldn’t agree more!

I have serious concerns regarding how the DA’s office has been run under the leadership of Thom LeDoux .  Thom LeDoux held the position as DA from 2008-2016 when he was term-limited.  In 2016, Molly Chilson, was elected as DA and Thom Ledoux took her prior position as Assistant DA, at almost his same prior salary.   I have received input that leads me to believe that the switch in positions between the DA and Assistant DA from 2016-2019 was cosmetic at best.

Ark Valley Voice and other media have reported on multiple issues that occurred during Thom Ledoux and Molly Chilson’s terms running the DA’s office.

KOAA5 Commissioners call out District Attorney over plea deal for Clerk and Recorder

When both Molly Chilson and Thom LeDoux resigned in 2019, there was optimism some action might be initiated on the open cases described above when Governor Polis appointed Kaitlin Turner as Acting DA.  Unfortunately, this has not yet happened.  Kaitlin Turner is running unopposed on the Democratic primary ballot and will run against either Linda Stanley or Thom LeDoux depending on the outcome of the vote on June 30th.

I have talked to Linda, like what she stands for, and think she is an excellent candidate for DA.  Both Republicans and Independents have the opportunity to vote on the primary ballot prior to June 30.  She has my vote as a District Attorney who will stand up for our citizen’s rights and “justice for all”. I hope that she will have yours. Your vote could have a major impact on how your community is policed in the future.

Alison Brown

Salida, Colorado

Editor’s Note: Alison Brown is the primary shareholder of Ark Valley Voice LLC. She has no editorial control over the news content of  ArkValley Voice.