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With great enthusiasm, Terra Firma Forestry fully supports voting yes to 1A. Terra Firma Forestry crews are the “boots on the ground” foresters and ISA Certified Arborists that work in our forests from one end of the county to the other.

As a professional forester, arborist and previous wild-land firefighter, I know that our forests have hit a point in the ecological cycle that are bringing them back to a successional course. Large tracks of our forests are dense and disease-ridden; this is a wild land’s natural way to invite a disturbance back into the ecological cycle, to continue the succession from a climax forest to a primary successional forest.

A large wildfire, wind-throw event, or beetle kill-off is part of disturbance ecology. We, as Chaffee County residents, are living with the most dramatic part of the ecological cycle. We are currently experiencing beetle- and disease-ridden forests, too dense for regrowth after mining-era clear-cuts and more than 100 years of not allowing fire to thin our forests. We know fire is coming, and the IA Initiative has come up with concrete solutions to help us mitigate, and be prepared for, these events.

Terra Firma Forestry crews thin dead, diseased and dense forests to allow healthy trees to thrive while returning nutrients back to the soil by chipping. This on-the-ground work aids forests in their natural successional cycle and most importantly, mitigates larger forest fires.

Please join me in supporting 1A.

Angie Jenson
Poncha Springs