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Ark Valley Coalition for a Sustainable Energy Future (AVCSEF) would like to thank everyone who voted in and helped with the SDCEA (Sangre de Cristo Electric Association) board election campaign for Sandra Attebery and Nick Hellbusch. The outpouring of support and energy from SDCEA members all over SDCEA’s territory has been heartening.

AVCSEF helped run a positive campaign for Sandra and Nick based on issues that are of concern to SDCEA members. Going forward, regardless of the election results, we will continue to focus on issues and not individuals, rates and not rancor. Our goals are to improve SDCEA’s transparency and interaction with its members, and to help SDCEA reduce high power costs and serve all of its members sustainably and reliably.

The mission of AVCSEF is to advocate for responsible, sustainable, clean energy policies on behalf of Sangre de Cristo Electric Association members and citizens of the upper Arkansas valley. We are grateful to all the people who have stepped up and put their weight behind this vision. Your volunteered time, donations, and encouragement are evidence that we can advocate together for positive change concerning the energy future in our beautiful valley.

Tom Plant, Rich Shoemaker, Deb Hannigan, Sue Greiner, Mike Wrigley, Iris Herder, Sandy Long,
Ark Valley Coalition for a Sustainable Energy Future