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At the February 6th city council meeting, Danny Taylor threw down the gauntlet in public comment. He stated, “if you guys want me to move my little display back up to the highway, and you guys can have your precious downtown back from the scary intimidating boogeyman that you’ve all created, that guy needs to resign – Harald Kasper. The second he resigns, I will gladly move my road show back up to the highway and you guys will be rid of the big scary man with the AR-15”. We can only hope Mr. Taylor is a man of his word, as Harald’s resignation came that same night.

Harald Kasper’s 14 years of service to this community, including previous service on the Salida Planning Commission, are commendable. That institutional knowledge will not be easily, or quickly, replaced.

It’s not easy to serve. Harald has a record of forward thinking leadership, and a progressive vision for Salida that many constituents share. Make no mistake, that vision will persist long after Harald is out of office.

The loud voices of negativity, and vitriol, are in sharp contract to Harald’s peaceful, engaged presence. They do not now, and will not ever, diminish Harald’s positive impact on our community. That is his lasting legacy.

Harald, we thank you for your unconditional love for this community, and your willingness to serve.

Tom and Francie Bomer

Salida, CO