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Thank you Donald,

As a red neck, yellow dog Democrat I love to see you destroy the Republican Party.  But as a concerned citizen, we must remember that one of the great strengths of our Republic is the two party system with its checks and balances.  The two greatest threats to our national security are Donald J Trump and our National Debt.

Facts:  Donald J owns the government shutdown as he stated on national TV.  800,000 Federal employees are working without pay or at home without pay.  Think about your own pay.  Could you pay your basic bills if you did not have a paycheck for one month or maybe two months?  Trump has no idea how the middle class and lower income people live from paycheck to paycheck.

What are the effects: The TSA employees that are working without pay have already begun to call in sick. Soon when they are unable to support their families, they are going to shut down and our airports and planes will be unsafe.  The pilot’s association has already called for an end to the shutdown. What about our air controllers that are working without pay? Soon they will have to shut down. I assume that all aircraft on the ground will not be allowed to take off and any planes in the air will be ordered to land.  All aircraft that rely on the air controllers will be grounded because it will be unsafe to fly.

Side effects: the pilots and stewardess, and baggage handlers will be laid off with all the people that work at the airport. The terminals will go dark. The border patrol agents that protect our southern border will soon go home.  They already have 2,000 jobs that are unfilled.

Trumps whole immigration policy is in trouble and inhumane.  What a mess he has made. Federal Correction Officers are working without pay.  How can they work without pay?  If they go home how are we going to guard some dangerous people?  I have heard that Colorado has a prison where the baddest of the bad are kept.  How can the correction officers walk off and leave these people or how can they work without pay?

A few Republicans in Congress are begging to urge the President to end the shutdown, open up the government and get Mitch to wake up and put bills on the floor for a vote.  Waiting on Trump is a waste of time.  Are the Republicans concerned for the people or are they afraid of a revolt at the ballot box and they will be sent home to get a real job.

I could go on and on, but you get my point.  I didn’t even mention that Trump cannot fill the Cabinet positions with some of the people knocking the door down to get the job. I would be glad to serve as Secretary of Defense or the VA but I am too old and not qualified for either job.

David Nelson, Salida