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Dec. 11, 2018

Dear editor,

The hiring of the new City Administrator has given me yet another reason to be thankful for this wonderful community that we all live in. First off I want to thank the incredible women who spoke out so passionately on domestic violence. No doubt coming forward as they did stirred up their pain all over again and I greatly appreciate their bravery. I’ve been happily married for 36 years and can’t imagine raising my hand to my wife or any woman, so this issue has not really been on my radar. I am honoring the women who have spoken out so bravely with a $250 donation to our Alliance Against Domestic Abuse.

Secondly I want to thank the women (and men) who came forward more recently advocating forgiveness and expressing support for Mr. Nelson in his rehabilitation efforts. These women, some of whom have experienced domestic violence themselves, represent a large contingent of Salida who understand the seriousness of domestic violence as well as the healing power of forgiveness and the importance of second chances. Personally I am in their camp.

Thirdly I want to express a huge thank-you to the city council for making what they felt was the best decision for the city knowing full well they were going to endure criticism and personal attacks for it. I can really think of no better example of public service. Our city council could have taken a path that was safer for themselves but instead they did what they felt was best for the city we all love. By numerous standards Mr. Nelson was the best candidate. Whether you agree with this one decision or not the Mayor and council are still the same smart, thoughtful, intelligent, kind people they were when we elected them. Calling into question their wisdom on one decision you disagree with is simply unfair.

I am fortunate to be able to serve Salida on the Airport Advisory Board and in this capacity I have had the opportunity to meet Mr. Nelson. Though our interaction was brief I could immediately see that he was knowledgeable and thorough and knew his job well.

I hope Mr. Nelson proves himself to be both a good person and a good city administrator. In this instance I support Mr. Nelson, the city council and the women who have raised the issue of domestic abuse to more prominence in our community.

Rob Dubin