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Dear Editor:

We all look to the mid-term election to give us good leadership throughout our country. For County Commissioner, we have a choice that requires thought and consideration. Rusty Granzella has served this county in many ways but I am concerned that his voting may be swayed toward personal alliances instead of toward a good future for Chaffee County. We need someone who is not afraid to work hard at doing the needed research, listening, communicating and evaluating the best solutions.

I have lived here for 30 years. Many of the good changes in Chaffee County have been brought in by people who chose to live here, moved here with the experience of making difficult decisions in their hometowns, many of the same decisions we now face. By respecting the existing community and building on that, the quality of life in Chaffee County has improved in many ways.

Kimberly Parker is relatively new to Salida but she has embraced this area in both her work and her interests. She is one of the most qualified candidates Chaffee County has ever been lucky enough to vote for. Listen to, click on, “Chaffee Election Series” for both candidate’s views.

At a time when Trump’s policy of women-bashing is being adopted by the Mountain Mail and Republicans via articles, letters and ads, Kimberly takes the high road and concentrates on what she can do for us as citizens. We need more people in government with her moral instincts.

The answer to Trump’s, and his willing supporters’, misogyny, is to elect more qualified women to office. I am sad that it is actually necessary to state that women contribute greatly to the success of each of your lives and it is time for you to stand up for, and give respect to women in your home, towns and country.

We have an amazingly strong group of women running for office this year. As Kimberly has said, “…the solution to the problems of growth is good management, paying attention, willing to work hard to find solutions…” Elect a candidate for our future, Kimberly Parker for County Commissioner.

Louise Olsen-Marquez