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On Nov. 6 we have a rare opportunity to create lasting support for our forests, waters and working lands.

In the past three months I have been humbled by the range of people standing on common ground in support of Ballot Issue 1A. From newcomers to fifth-generation families, from Republicans to Democrats to Independents, from young voters to our elders, people are standing for the future of Chaffee County quality of life and our economy – both tied to the health of our lands and waters.

The foundations for 1A have been building for over a decade, were refined by the 1,500 citizens engaged in Envision, and crafted into a highly accountable measure unanimously referred by all three commissioners.

When I look through the many 1A endorsements, I am inspired by the love people have for this place we call home and the willingness to act to protect it.

“Our iconic landscapes are foundational to Chaffee County’s identity and economic resilience.” – Chaffee County Economic Development Corporation

“We operate river trips in the Arkansas Valley because we love this place … 1A will help insure the health of our valley, its rivers, forests, public lands and agricultural lands for present and future generations to enjoy.” – Arkansas River Outfitters Association

“I see a unique opportunity to improve the health of our local forests and reduce the risk of a catastrophic wildfire … this is of critical importance and isn’t something we can delay.” – Kent Maxwell, Colorado Firecamp founder

“At a time when politics at the federal and state level seem to derail meaningful work in conserving agricultural land, forests and water, Chaffee County has a bold proposal in 1A. It is local control at its best.” – Former Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter

“[1A] will help sustain the lifeblood of the special natural resources of Chaffee County.” – Chaffee County Commissioner Dave Potts

I feel proud to be part of a community willing to stand together to protect what we love and Vote YES on 1A.

Cindy Williams
Envision Chaffee County Co-Lead, 1A Campaign Manager

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