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Dear Editor,

I know that the official editorial policy of the AVV, and others, may be to cast dispersions on any discussion of possible wrongdoing in any national election. To be true to your claim to be a nonpartisan paper you need to post findings that may go contrary to what you might hope will be legal outcomes in the elections of 2020.  So, I respectfully ask you to post this note of the advertisement of possible findings of the Arizona election.

Today is an important day with the Arizona Audit report coming out about 4:00 p.m. EST. You can click here to watch it liveYou can click here to listen to experts discuss it afterward.
 You ought to click here to read the incredible first draft of a report coming out about the Mesa County, Colorado election machines. There are some audio files that have been released about the Arizona audit process. You may want to put on some “ear filters” to listen to the recorded conversations, but they will certainly be eye-opening.

The link is to only one of several available online. Also today, Sidney Powell’s legal team has been give the opportunity to depose a Dominion official for two hours. If you haven’t heard about the effects of Remdesivir, you should listen to this.


Alan Seeling

Chair, Chaffee County Republicans

Editor’s Note: Ark Valley Voice (AVV) is an independent, free, daily digital news platform, not a paper.  That said, the results of the audit of the votes cast in Maricopa County, Arizona revealed that Joe Biden not only won the county and the state of Arizona, but he also won with a higher vote count than originally reported. Frankly, per our ethics policy, we have no obligation to post “findings” that are not true — only to report the truth based on facts.

AVV is unsure what Remdesivir has to do with the elections.