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Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have really had a great year and a half. They passed a tax reform bill that benefited the 1 percent and the big corporations. It will only add $1.4 trillion to our national debt over the next 10 years. Our debt is already too high. They tried to pass a health care bill that would have knocked about 15 million people out of their health insurance in addition to the 25 million who do not have insurance now.

The Republicans don’t care. Their latest plan is to attack what they call entitlements to our senior citizens by attacking Social Security and Medicare, which I call benefits. Consider this, the members of Congress have a good salary, retirement plan and health insurance. Guess who pays for this. We have been paying into Social Security and Medicare all of our working lives.

Mitch and Paul do not want us senior folks to have a small retirement and health insurance. They want to reduce the benefits that we have paid for while keeping the entitlements for themselves that we have paid for with our tax money.

Did you know that Congress passed a law many years ago (according to Social Security Trust Fund definition at Wikipedia) that requires the Social Security Trust fund to pay over to the treasury each year any excess funds that have not been paid out in Social Security benefits? Technically, the treasury then gives that same amount in trust bonds (which are backed by the full faith and credit of the USA) back to the country. This amount that the trust fund pays over can then be appropriated  by Congress for their important causes, like maybe… building a wall. This law should be repealed, but it never will be, because Congress considers this revenue. I consider it tax action without representation. If repealed the trust fund would be in good shape, especially if they would buy the bonds back.

David Nelson