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Dear Editor,

I wonder – how are those “important revelations” from the Arizona audit working out for the Trump cult, several weeks later?

To me, it looks like another embarrassing failure on the part of the tragic circus that is the modern GOP. Based on the minimal reporting garnered, and the fact that the audit increased the margin of Biden’s win, it looks like another huge belly flop on the part of the Trump cult.

What will it take for these people to admit that they’ve fallen hard for the biggest scam in a century, all in support of the fragile ego of an insecure spray-tanned idiot man-child and his army of shameless hucksters?

Sidney Powell’s own lawyers have stated, in court and on the record, that she is a joke and not to be taken seriously – the same thing that Fox News lawyers have said in court regarding Tucker Carlson. [Rudy] Giuliani admits that he got his “evidence” from trash he read on Facebook, never bothering to investigate for himself to see if it was true before he started his sweaty and drunken campaign to undermine democracy. Shame on him, and that’s the only thing I can say about Rudy that is fit for publication. Sidney Powell is such a bad joke and a nobody that I won’t even bother trying to shame her.

Trump, Powell, Giuliani, Lin Wood, Tucker Carlson, Lindsey Graham, and too many others to list here, are scammers, living in an elaborate, self-sustaining ecosystem of scammers, all trying to fleece the gullible true believers out of as much cash as they can while the grifting is good. If you somehow still find people like Giuliani, Powell, and Trump to be believable and respectable in spite of all of the evidence that they’re just lying to make a buck at any cost, I honestly feel sorry for you. If you sent them money in support of their big lie, I’m laughing at you and don’t feel sorry for you at all.

We already know that Trump cultists don’t really care about facts or the truth, so what are the next steps in this dangerous farce they’ve embraced?

Jeff Zaring
Buena Vista, CO