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Dear Editor,

As the upcoming election nears, I feel compelled to write. There are conspiracy theorists who are, once again, attacking our election process both in Chaffee County and the state of Colorado. Until the notion that “elections are rigged unless the Republicans win” was floated and blindly accepted by followers three to four years ago, Colorado’s election process and in particular, Chaffee County’s process is highly regarded as the Gold Standard, and the template for our entire country for how elections should be run.

There is a small but vocal minority group who simply will not stop the negative attacks, and who refuse to deal with facts, data, science, or any other compelling information besides propaganda on Facebook. In addition to the negativity, election staff members are threatened, called names, and stressed by the lies being perpetuated and with trying to do their jobs under the need for heightened security both at their job and off. This is un-American at every level.

Chaffee’s elected County Clerk was previously selected by her peers to lead the state’s county clerk association, the overwhelming majority of whom are registered Republicans (38 out of 63 counties; 18 Democrats and 7 Unaffiliated; one county clerk is appointed). Lori Mitchell was nominated by a Republican county clerk and was elected by her peers because of her crystal-clear standard of integrity and ethics. Nothing has changed since she held that office, and it is true of her staff as well; she would stand for nothing less.

The lies and the conspiracy theories must stop. Factually, at every level of the election process, from local leaders through states’ leaders, up to and through the White House’s cybersecurity experts under Donald Trump, and on to the U.S. Supreme Court: there was no hint of even minor election fraud, and the election had the highest level of integrity of any in history.

Please, be vocal about standing up for what is right and good. Use your common sense as you vote in the upcoming election. Talk to others about honesty and data and facts. Always remember that Facebook (and the other sites) are social media, not business media, not court and law media, but social media. Some people have seemingly lost sight of that fact. My worst fears are we as a society are teetering on the edge of doom.

Wendy Hall

Buena Vista