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Dear Editor:

Kimberly Parker’s exemplary leadership talents were revealed to me when we worked together as volunteers for the county-wide Envision planning process. She exhibits incredible work-ethic, smart and strategic thinking, and ensures all voices are respected and thoroughly vetted. And Kimberly always does the tough work. In my 29 years as a municipal government employee, I have witnessed only a handful of staff and elected officials with these skills that readily engage people and produce intelligent solutions effectively as a team. That is a true leader. Locals have noticed. Political affiliations are blurred. People are supporting Kimberly solely due to their confidence in her ability to get the job done.

Experience matters. The quality of experience also matters. Kimberly brings broad education and experience that will provide a perspective adept to addressing today’s complex challenges faced by the county. Her opponent’s experience has been focused only in Salida. Kimberly’s work throughout the county is dedicated to helping people who are struggling to find homes and to feel safe. She understands the challenges faced by all people in this county. She is also successfully leading the County Housing Policy Action Committee; a diverse group of elected officials, non-profits, developers, and others tasked to provide ideas and solutions for housing issues facing our county. Her past experiences as business owner, technology consultant, and employee in the State of Colorado education system has given her relevant knowledge that will help her navigate local issues from a broadly informed perspective.

Kimberly is endorsed by a State Senator, a County Commissioner, and individuals on the Salida City Council and BV Board of Trustees. She is endorsed by Conservation Colorado. These endorsements are meaningful. It is time to vote for a true leader. Join us in voting for Kimberly Parker.

Lisa Martin