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Dear Editor:

Trump is a disaster. He may be helping Democrats, but I don’t think any president has a lot to do with the stock market or the economy. His tariffs and tax cuts had an impact, but the Federal Reserve has a continuous impact with their control of thee interest rates. The big boys ‒ i.e., the wealthiest of the wealthy – have an impact with what they see as their best interest.

Democrats should stop talking about impediment. With Republicans in control of the Senate, it is a waste of time. The Republican Senate will not convict Trump, and Trump putting out a tax break for the middle class will not happen, no matter what he says. He keeps talking about that when Congress is not in session.

His tax cut for the big boys will not pay for itself. Hopefully, all voters will see that for what it is. The government needs money to operate, and sending troops to the border and flying that big jet to Florida are not good for anybody.

David Nelson