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P.T. Wood: Vote for Experience

The election for County Commissioner is this November, and P.T. Wood is the most experienced candidate for the job. He served on the Salida Planning Commission for 10 years before serving two terms as Mayor of Salida. Through this experience, he knows our valley well and understands not only how government works, but how important the issues currently facing Chaffee County are.

P.T. has lived in Chaffee County for over 30 years and is a natural leader. My husband and I owned a rafting business here for 34 years, and have followed P.T.’s achievements through his time on the AHRA Citizens Task Force and as Mayor of Salida. When P.T. is involved, positive change starts to happen.

P.T. understands that building affordable housing for our workforce keeps our community whole and thriving. He has helped facilitate affordable housing partnerships resulting in 80 new units in Salida, with more planned.

Chaffee County’s future holds many challenges as new people move into the area. Our public lands are seeing much more use, our towns and rural lands are seeing more development, and the changing energy landscape requires new forward-thinking energy ideas. P.T. values protecting our agricultural lands, public lands, and water resources, and understands the need to create energy resiliency for the future.

This is the perfect time to elect P.T. Wood as County Commissioner. His experience will serve our county well.
Please VOTE for P.T. Wood this November.

Susan Greiner
Buena Vista