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To the Editor:

Recent revelations about Hannah Hannah’s IRS liens certainly raise valid questions as to her understanding of finance and budgeting, as well as her attention to details; qualities that we should expect from our elected county officials. More importantly candidate Hannah concedes that being a busy, single parent and having a job with her brother’s real estate company, she has not had time to participate in local politics or gain deep knowledge of local issues. Both are needed to be a good commissioner.

After reading an interview with candidate Hannah in the Ark Valley Voice, I had no idea where she stood on local issues. So I looked at her website for insight. Her site weaves a good story about her ranching roots and her work in security for her brother’s company but does little to enlighten a voter or make the case that she would be a good county commissioner.

Currently, we have three well-qualified board of county commissioners: a Republican, an Independent, and a Democrat. All three are long term residents of the county and all served in numerous elected or volunteer positions before asking for our vote for the highest elected office in the county. I also like the fact that no single party dominates.

Although I am a registered Democrat, I have on several occasions voted for Republicans who seemed well qualified. The deciding factor wasn’t their party affiliation, but that they were well informed and had the experience to do a good job.

I believe that can be said of incumbent commissioner Keith Baker. His military background provided him experience working within a large organization, his years owning The Trailhead taught him about the challenges faced by local small businesses, his work with the Visitors Bureau and two terms as a BV town trustee provided deep local knowledge. These qualities have allowed him to be very effective in his first term as commissioner. He has worked on updating the Comprehensive Plan, transportation planning, affordable housing, and obtaining better broadband service. All are issues important to our county’s future.

So in this election, whether you are Republican, Democrat or Independent, the choice is clear: re-elect Keith Baker.

Tom Jacobson