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Welcome to the 21st Century, Joe Stone.

When Mr. Stone reported on the City’s hiring of Drew Nelson on October 3, 2018, he never even mentioned that Mr. Nelson had been arrested for a variety of violent crimes earlier in the year.

On October 5, 2018, Mr. Stone subsequently authored an article under the title “Salida City Administrator’s January Arrest Causes Concern.” Turns out his next “news” article was just a puff piece designed to explain away Mr. Nelson’s domestic violence and reckless endangerment charges. Mr. Stone never even referenced or reported on the actual arrest affidavit related to the incident in question. Mr. Stone ended his article with an upbeat endorsement of Nelson by Mayor Wood.

After the dramatic October 16, 2018 City Council Meeting uproar over the Nelson hiring, in reporting on the citizen participation component of the meeting, Mr. Stone described me as “wife of former city attorney Ben Kahn.”

To identify me, or any other women in such a way is disrespectful, derogatory and misogynistic. Mr. Stone, I’m not some tag along handmaid.

The Ark Valley Voice has not described Ben as my husband or in reference to me in over two dozen reporting references contained in half a dozen plus articles. Mr. Stone never described Ben as “the husband of former City Attorney Megan Kahn”, or “husband of the Managing Partner of the Conundrum Group” or as “the husband of Megan Kahn, owner of Yoga Olas” or as “the father of Megan Kahn’s three children.”

Mr. Stone also needs to do his research. The City Council and Mayor of Salida in Adopted Resolution 2017-27 appointed “the Conundrum Group, LLP to fulfill the function of the City Attorney for the City of Salida.” I am the managing partner of the Conundrum Group, so in doing so, they appointed the first female City Attorney in the history of Salida.

Mr. Stone, please listen to the voices of women and the historic changes we are demanding, and be more sensitive with respect to gender issues in your reporting on Drew Nelson.

-Megan Kahn ( )


Managing Editor’s Note: Megan Kahn is an attorney in her own right and managing partner of the Conundrum Group. Ark Valley Voice  issues a sincere apology for an inaccurate description of her career role. Also note that the above reference to a charge against City Administrator Drew Nelson frames it as “domestic violence and reckless endangerment charges,” when in fact the single charge of “domestic violence – felony menacing” applies to use of a fire arm in his back yard.