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As mayor of Salida, I strive to have our community’s best interests in mind at all times. What’s at the front my mind now: this coming midterm election. Politics have gotten quite messy in our country, and with all the hubbub around the national level, it is important to remember how much of an impact local elections have on our neighbors, friends and family.

Western Colorado, and especially its rural towns, face unique challenges. Shifting economic events continue to threaten our way of life and our workers’ livelihoods. It is vital that we focus on ways to strengthen our communities and that we have representatives at the local and state levels who are aware of rural Colorado’s unique plight and needs.

Protecting our public lands is currently on the minds of many Coloradans, especially those of us whose communities rely on tourism to keep our economy afloat. We value our public lands and the opportunities they afford us, and unless we make our voices heard in this midterm election, our children may not have those opportunities.

Sen. Kerry Donovan’s opponent, Olen Lund, has stated that he does not believe climate change is real, nor is it manmade.

Sen. Kerry Donovan is a Western Slope native who has worked hard to represent our interests. Sen. Donovan has showed in the last four years that she is dedicated to our public lands and our rural economies − writing and carrying bills across the finish line in the Colorado Senate that established Colorado Public Lands Day, expanding rural broadband infrastructure, and securing support for rural communities facing economic hardship in Colorado.

As someone who values our public lands and having strong rural economies, who has lived in and loved them my entire life, I fully support a candidate who will fight for them. That candidate is Kerry Donovan.

P.T. Wood,
Mayor of Salida