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Dear Editor:

Who is she? There are articles in the paper to support this woman because she can “implement solutions,” “develop the social infrastructure,” “bring energy and passion to Chaffee County residents,” and “will be collaborative.”

All sounds interesting, but where is the substance to these feel-good and sound-good phrases that are absent any merit? This made me curious enough to research more about Kimberly Parker through the internet only to discover more of a mystery. The search showed that for some reason, she changed her name at least three times.

This brings up the point that we really do not know anything about Kimberly Parker. All we know is what she says and what she chooses to tell us. Who were her previous employers who can speak for her and endorse her?

The present and previous county commissioners have owned businesses in this county and, as a result, have the experience and knowledge to be leaders. We know Rusty Granzella, and he knows us and our county. He will be an excellent commissioner with the experience to be off and running in the job on day one.

Stephanie Decet

Editor’s note:The writer’s reference to names has been removed for reasons of personal safety. There are no “articles” in Ark Valley Voice using the terms described above, or in fact, supporting any individual candidates. Ark Valley Voice accepts letters to the editor expressing the personal opinions of the letter writers in support of candidates or issues. We welcome letters to the editor which are composed in a civil manner, not attempting to misrepresent issues or people. We discourage those that make defamatory claims or sweeping statements saying they represent groups of people.