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I’ve been a peace officer in Colorado for 32 years. Over that time, I’ve had hundreds of opportunities to work with the Chaffee County Coroner’s Office, specifically, Tim Glenn, Randy Amettis and Jeff Graf. That’s given me a unique look into the responsibilities and duties of the coroner. I’ve witnessed firsthand just how critical it is to have a trained, professional and expert coroner.

On the other hand, the public have had ample opportunity in the past few months to analyze the aims and objectives of the competitors in the upcoming election for Chaffee County coroner.

Mr. Graf’s years of experience as the chief deputy coroner and his honest and practical approach set him apart from the other candidate. What is commendable is Mr. Graf’s huge concern for and commitment to the residents of Chaffee County as well as his willingness to work with families and law enforcement.

If I could vote in the upcoming Chaffee County election, I would not hesitate to vote for Jeff Graf for your county coroner!

Tim Walker
Former Chaffee County sheriff