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Dear Editor:

I too am in support of Chaffee County Ballot Measure 1A and strongly urge voters for their YES vote! Chaffee County is a rich environment where we thrive and feel nurtured. With inevitable growth before us, the county is going to change and feel further squeezed. There is no question about this. To retain the quality of life that has drawn each of us to this area residents must invest in our future. Forest health, rural land protections, conserving and supporting rural ranches, farms and rural landscapes as well as managing the impacts of growth are important aims of Ballot Measure 1A.

The sales tax is going to impact us, however that impact will serve as an investment in the future of this county. As a resident, I partner with many organizations to maintain a certain quality of life. I love the recreation. I love driving down the road and seeing elk and antelope and having a quality fishing experience on the Arkansas. Without this investment in our future, all these landscapes and experiences will deteriorate.

Subdivisions, popularity of outdoor recreation, drought and influx of residents are all going to impact our accessibility to land, water and scenery. I am perfectly happy to contribute the estimated $40 a year that this ballot measure will cost our household for the privilege of enjoying our working lands and views. As Bill Ritter was quoted, this is an opportunity “to look around the corner” and see the future.

Deborah Fields