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December 6, 2018

The purpose of the following statements are to correct the record as it relates to the article published in the Mountain Mail on Monday, December 3, 2018 regarding an EEOC Claim allegedly filed against the City of Salida.

I have not filed an EEOC claim against the City nor do I intend to.

The letter I wrote was released to the public without my knowledge or consent. The letter was not written in support of any EEOC claims.*

The letter was a private personnel matter that had already been resolved through the proper Human Resource channels.

Hopefully the above statements provide clarification regarding my employment relationship with the City.

Lynda Travis

*Editors note: Following her Nov. 26 dismissal, former Salida Finance Director Jodi McClurkin emailed a packet to the city of Salida stating that she was filing an Equal Employment Opportunity claim. She included a document written by Lynda Travis, and the packet was distributed throughout Salida by an unknown person, or persons.