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A rally for indicted Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters on the steps of the Colorado Capitol on Monday, April 4, turned out to have more immediate legal implications for the man there to offer his endorsement of her. Under the label of “Election Truth,” My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell spouted his unsubstantiated claims of coordinated rigging in the 2020 elections and the demise of American democracy and then received his own taste of the American legal system.

Peters, who despite being named in a suit alleging tampering with voting systems equipment and illegally sharing voter data with outsiders, has announced a run for Colorado Secretary of State. She had welcomed the support of Lindell, when an unidentified man came up to him and handed him an envelope, which Lindell accepted. The envelope contained a legal subpoena informing him of a defamation lawsuit filed by former Dominion Voting systems VP Dr. Eric Coomer against him, FrankSpeech, and My Pillow.

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell gets served with a defamation lawsuit filed against him by Dr. Eric Coomer at the steps of the Colorado State Capitol . Still image of 9News filmed coverage of the event:

Lindell has been accused of regular misinformation messaging regarding the 2020 Presidential Election, much of it focused on unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud connected to Dominion Voting Systems equipment. Coomer says Lindell defiled his character with his false election fraud claims.

Coomer, a resident of Salida, Colorado is represented by the legal firm of Cain & Skarnulis, with offices in Austin, Texas and Salida. Coomer and his law firm have been remarkably creative in pursuing the defamation suits filed on behalf of Coomer against former President Donald Trump, his lawyer Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, among others.

While deposing Giuliani, the firm uncovered a Trump lawyers’ written document confirming that Trump knew there was no voter fraud and knew that he had not won the 2020 election against President Joe Biden. But Trump supporters had moved ahead anyway to cast aspersions on the voting systems as a strategy to shower doubt on America’s election system.

The subpoena was not the only bad news that day for Lindell. While taking reporter’s questions, he admitted to NBC reporter (9News) Marshall Zelinger on camera that while he didn’t know her personally, not only had he donated to Peters’ campaign, he had donated as much as $800, 000 to her campaign.

While he called the reporters questioning him “ignorant,” Lindell appeared to be unaware that according to Colorado state ethics laws, the donation limit for individuals who are not close friends with candidates is $65, representing a $799,935 ethics violation.

Featured image: My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell gets served with a defamation lawsuit from Dr. Eric Coomer as he stood near the steps of the Colorado State Capital on Monday.