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Dear Editor:

To the Chaffee County Planning Commission, I have been following the decisions made the past year or longer regarding Alison Brown’s property and legal matters against her. It appears all the ever-changing proposals to the land use code have been targeted specifically against her and the fact that she once had a fox hunt club. Had complaints not been initiated by a neighbor against barking hounds, would all this chaos even be such a major focus of county staff?

I board a horse at Alison’s ranch, and I can’t help wonder what impact these changing codes brought on by the current staff members of Chaffee County will have on my ability to meet up with friends to trailer out for a ride. Will I or my friends be accused of storing equipment to be used for the purpose of a guiding expedition?

What will be the ramifications to others who may currently operate stables and riding for the purpose of training or enjoyment? Will they be demanded to obtain an outfitting permit? Will another friend who invites friends to meet for a day of rafting on the river be accused of leading an expedition? Maybe you think this is frivolous regarding the rafting, but it was reality to Alison and seems like a similar situation waiting to happen to others.

Where and when does the county stop the abuse of powers infringing on the rights of our citizens? Do the taxpayers of Chaffee County realize the enormous amounts of taxpayer dollars that have been used for this ongoing nightmare against one citizen?

I would agree with David Moore’s proposal to amend the current language for clarification that agrees with the state of Colorado’s language on land use. I urge you to consider David’s requests.

Sandy Hobbs,