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Think back to high school and your money habits. If you had been introduced to financial literacy at a young age do you think your money habits would have changed or your financial standing improved? One local financial advisor is hoping her classes will do just that.

Gwen Hartzler says she loves helping people who don’t think they make enough to need a financial advisor. A teacher at Buena Vista High School contacted Hartzler at the beginning of the school year asking if she could teach all of the seniors, during their senior seminar. Hartzler spent four Thursdays throughout November talking to each high school senior about finances.

Hartzler explained, “they made a little list of what they wanted to hear about, so I knew ahead of time what they were interested in. We talked about banking, credit, loans, taxes, inflation, insurance, budgeting, investment and saving.”

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“It was so much fun to watch the lights come on in their heads. We started out by talking about the “rule of 72” where when you want to find out how compound interest works and how long it takes for your money to double, you divide the interest into the number 72 and that tells you approximately how many years it will take for your money to double.”

She continued, “I think the biggest surprise for them was debt works the same way.”  That’s one powerful incentive for paying down debt rapidly.

Hartzler says she hopes that students will take these lessons from the lectures and maybe not get a credit card or get into a bad loan. She also hopes for the opportunity to teach more students or adults these lessons.

Hartzler will meet with anyone to talk about finances at no charge, and make a road map for where they are heading. For more information contact Hartzler via phone at 719-207-1112 or by email at