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Moonlight Pizza & Brewpub Hosts SOIL Sangre de Cristo for “Moonlight Monday”, Feb. 13

Moonlight Monday, Feb. 13 benefits SOIL Sangre de Cristo at Moonlight Pizza and Brewpub, 242 F Street in Salida

Get a jump on Valentines Day! This is an opportunity to show how much you care for Mother Earth as well as your significant other.

Stop by 242 F St. in Salida, or order online at 719-539-4277 anytime from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Mon. Feb. 13, during Moonlight Madness.

While there, visit with volunteers from SOIL Sangre de Cristo throughout the day and learn more about their programs and Speaker Series. It’s an opportunity to show love for our local food producers and enjoy a great meal at the same time!

While you eat delicious pizza and enjoy a refreshing microbrew, 10 percent of your tab will go to support our local food producers. Your meal will taste even better (and you may earn brownie points at home).

10 percent of all sales that day go to the SOIL Sangre de Cristo ZERO PERCENT interest loan fund

The nonprofit, SOIL Sangre de Cristo supports local food producers who use regenerative farming methods, not just to feed our communities, but also to save our ecosystem from disaster. This support keeps the heritage of ranching and farming alive in our region and reduces our dependency on food trucks from 150 miles away on the Front Range.

“Moonlight Pizza & Brewpub supports nonprofits in our community week after week,” said SOIL Sangre de Cristo Founder and Board Chair PJ Bergin. “On behalf of the farmers, ranchers, and food producers in South Central Colorado, we thank Moonlight Pizza for their generosity and for the opportunity it allows us to engage with both producers and consumers on this important mission.”

The diversity and integration of regenerative agriculture replaces lost natural resources without using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides. Beneficiaries of the SOIL Sangre de Cristo revolving loan program believe that healthy soil leads to clean air, clean water, and healthy plants, animals, and people.

Now that you’ve done your good deed

“Love Your Farmer” heart courtesy Nick Avignon for SOIL Sangre de Cristo

With Monday’s “what’s for dinner” dilemma resolved, make it a double delight — a card, special dinner, or just breakfast in bed, the next day will be a great way to celebrate this important occasion!

SOIL Sangre de Cristo’s mission is to unite the communities of South-Central Colorado through direct support of local farmers, ranchers and food producers, improving food security and resilience, and improving soil carbon and health for all residents.

Members in area communities say they want to see a diverse and resilient food chain. Thanks to these members, since its inception, SOIL Sangre de Cristo has loaned $41,000 to date, to seven farms and ranches in the Central Colorado region.

Featured image: The Sundry in Salida supports SOIL Sangre Cristo and “Love your Farmer” at Moonlight Pizza, Moonlight Madness, Feb. 13, 2023