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Dear editor:

We all want to maintain the character of Salida, but what is that exactly? Websters refers to “the moral and ethical nature of a person, group or place; a main, or essential, nature.” I believe our essential character is best found in human kindness, our desire to build each other up, to offer a helping hand, to keep our disagreements civil and to assume the best of each other.

The Salida Crossings mailer that came to my door today does nothing to build character. Instead, it is filled with fear-mongering and loose and slanderous accusations. It seems this group is anti-everything, CAVE people (citizens against virtually everything).

The developer and his investors have worked hard to accommodate objections. They have been responsive to the many changes that have been suggested. There were no less than seven public meetings before council passed this project. Where were the naysayers then? Even previous council members, some of whom are leading this negative campaign, were silent.

We are better than this. If you oppose this project, do it based on the facts, not assumptions. Talk to the developer at one of his many public meetings. Salida Crossings, if passed, will not solve our housing problems, but it is a start. Our need is great, and our time is short.

If you really want to maintain Salida’s character, rise above this backlash of negativity.  Vote “Yes” for the workforce. Vote “Yes” for Salida Crossings.

Francie Bomer
Salida Planning Commission