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During the Oct. 4 City Council Meeting, Mayor Dan Shore read a proclamation declaring October, 2022 as “Arts Month” in Salida.

courtesy image

Arts Month in Salida is aligned with the national movement of Americans for the Arts, as designated since 1985. It’s marked by a Presidential Proclamation in conjunction with the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and Americans for the Arts. Numerous cities in Colorado and across the country also mark the annual occasion and Salida’s role as one of Colorado’s first designated Creative Districts adds special significance to the community.

Image courtesy Salida Arts & Culture Department


According to Tina Gramann, Community Engagement Coordinator for the City of Salida Arts & Culture Department “numerous artists call Salida home. The arts enrich our lives, and Salida’s natural beauty is an ongoing source of inspiration.”

“Salida has a unique history of artists moving to the downtown area in the 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Many of those artists are here today,” she added.

In the proclamation, after citing all that the Salida Arts & Culture Department and Salida Creative District do year-round for the arts here Mayor Shore encouraged all community members to “to participate in a creative activity with family or friends in October.”

Gramann reminds us that “This is an occasion to acknowledge the large number of creatives in our community that, driven by passion and resourcefulness, create beauty and remind us of our humanity on a daily basis.”

Featured image: Salida SteamPlant Riverside Plaza. Merrell Bergin photo