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Jan Wondra, Ark Valley Voice Managing Editor/Publisher greets the first Crest Academy interns, Greyson Lane (left) and Eliot Miller (right). Merrell Bergin photo

Ark Valley Voice has formed a collaboration with Salida School District’s Crest Academy, in which two eighth graders interested in a career in journalism will be doing a year-long internship at Ark Valley Voice (AVV). The students will spend one afternoon per week at AVV receiving training, completing writing assignments, and learning how a digital news organization covering a large and diverse geographic area functions.

AVV Program Coordinator Susan Roebuck, a former teacher, has worked directly with Crest Academy’s Samantha Lane Bahn to set up and coordinate the program.

“The theme of the year will be Interviews, which will include coming up with questions, interviewing, transcribing, going through the edit/revision process, and publishing,” explains Roebuck. The year will be broken into three “units.”

The two students beginning their internships are:

Eliot J. Miller

Eliot Miller is currently an 8th grader at Salida’s Crest Academy. She runs the Crest Academy’s Newspaper “The Crest Chronicle” and loves to write. Eliot has lived in Salida for five years and previously lived in Denver. Eliot hopes to travel the world and have a home with a big garden. Along with writing, she loves to swim, play electric guitar, mountain bike, and play with her two pups.

Greyson Lane

Greyson Lane is 14 years old. He has lived in Salida for two years now and is originally from Illinois. He is now a middle school intern. In his free time, when not at school or playing football (which he describes as “something I love”) he likes to play basketball, snowboard in the winter, and hang out with friends. He says he “likes to be active in general”.

Ark Valley Voice has had student interns since our founding in 2018; some in college, and others just out of university,” said Publisher/Managing Editor Jan Wondra. “It has been a part of our mission to ensure that we are helping to train the next generation of journalists, and we have had interns from CSU, Adams State, Western Colorado University, Boston College, and the University of Michigan.”

This is the youngest cohort of interns Ark Valley Voice has taken on, but from experience, the AVV Crew knows that the passion for journalism begins early. “We’re enthusiastic about the year ahead. We’re fortunate in that Susan’s past includes time as a teacher, which creates a valuable learning environment combining classroom and journalism field work,” adds Wondra.