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Chaffee County Public Health Partners announces new program “Miles of Smiles Salida”.

Chaffee County Public Health (CCPH) has initiated a new program that enables older adults to get outside and feel the wind in their hair on a trishaw. The newly purchased trishaw from Copenhagen, Denmark will allow for two older adult riders to sit in front of a three wheeled e-bike that is piloted by a well-trained volunteer.

Miles of Smiles Salida (MOSS), is following a similar model to a program being run in the Denver area. Ed Wittman, from Miles of Smiles in Denver, facilitated the first pilot training in March which ten individuals attended. Pilots are vetted with background checks, trained on how to have positive social interaction, and tested to ensure safety/competency piloting the trishaw.

Trishaw heads out for a ride. Courtesy image

MOSS appreciates the Chaffee Shuttle for providing safe, secure, and ideally-placed storage for the trishaw. Absolute Bikes in Salida is committed to keeping the trishaw in tip top shape to ensure safe and enjoyable experiences for our older adults in Salida.

MOSS will be providing trishaw experiences for older adults beginning in May. If you or someone you know would like to enjoy a trishaw ride and live in and around the downtown area of Salida, please contact Aubrey Tamietti at 719-530-1198 to schedule a truly unique experience.  Pilots will be happy to pick you up at your home and offer a ride for up to an hour and return you back to your residence.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic​,​ many of us lost that social connection we found through biking around and admiring our beautiful Chaffee County. MOSS is happy to provide these bike rides for our older adults in Salida that find it too difficult to ride their own bike. MOSS invites you to attend a future training to become a volunteer pilot. Being a pilot with MOSS guarantees connection with nature, your community, one another, and a feeling of giving back.  Call 719-530-1198 to register for the next pilot training.

CCPH and Age Strong Chaffee provide opportunities throughout the month to exercise and stay socially and mentally active. For further details about this as well as other opportunities to Age Strong in Chaffee County, visit www.embracingagingchaffee , or e-mail Molly Bischoff at .

Featured image: Ready for a trishaw test ride at the Chaffee Home & Garden Show. Susan Roebuck photo