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During last year’s ski season, Monarch Mountain noticed parking challenges due to the COVID-19 restrictions. At the same time, Monarch made several changes to allow both staff and visitors to have a safe season. One of these changes was the recommendation for skiers and snowboarders to eat in their vehicles instead of the lodge.

Currently, Monarch is underway with the expansion of their upper parking lot named the “Paradise Lott”.  Staff plan to add approximately 300 new spots while still maintaining skier access to the Ramble On ski trail. The lot will grow in all directions and the access road from the main lot that loops to the south of the Paradise Lot will still be utilized for car ingress and egress.

General Manager and Chief Operating Officer of Monarch, Randy Stroud explained “This expansion we had on the books to do in the summer of 2020 but decided to hold off doing to the COVID situation. We weren’t sure we would have enough monies to keep paying our employees. Fortunately, we were able to keep all our employees on board through the crisis and are able to move forward.”

“The expansion will increase the number of parking spaces by double or about 300 spaces.  Lack of parking is just about every ski resort’s biggest headache,” he added

“We used to call the lot “the upper parking lot” One morning we were looking for an employee who worked on the parking crew.  We called him on the radio, and he replied that he was at paradise. The name stuck ever since. The views from this lot are extraordinary,” said Stroud.

The views of the mountain will be even more open with the clearing of trees around the western perimeter of the lot. Monarch has felt the parking pinch on most weekends and holidays over the last few years. Staff hope that this addition along with the return of carpooling and shuttles for the 2021-2022 season will assist with these parking challenges.

Featured image: courtesy of Monarch Mountain.