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Monarch Mountain will be accepting ski goggles as part of the Goggles for Docs Program from 1 to 3 p.m. this Wednesday, April 22.

Goggles for Docs is a national movement that began on the east coast when shortages of personal protective gear (PPE) at New York hospitals became acute. Hospitals there were overwhelmed, struggled to treat vast numbers of patients with the coronavirus known as COVID-19.

Doctors and their friends noticed that ski goggles were already secure eyewear, and could meet the protective needs for those treating the coronavirus known as COVID-19. They began a program to collect used and new goggles to healthcare workers who currently have no eye protection as they treat COVID-19 patients. With the pandemic beginning to roll across the country, especially into rural areas that have fewer resources, the program has filled a PPE gap.

So far the national donation program has collected 32,938 pair of goggles.

Goggles can be dropped off at three locations in Chaffee County: The Monarch Outpost at 123 N F St. in Salida, Elevation Brewery in Poncha Springs, and CKS in Buena Vista. Drop boxes will be left for those who cannot make it during the scheduled time.

Courtesy of Goggles for Docs

The invitation is for donations of ski-style goggles (the same style used for motocycles, snowmobiles, etc.) or lab goggles. Organizers ask that people not donate any type of swim goggle, as they do not offer the necessary protection. if you have a spare pair lying around, consider donating them to healthcare workers in need. We’re all in this together.

Te Goggles for Docs web information page presents what is at stake: “If we can ramp up, you all literally will be helping to save lives.”

For more information on the Goggles for Docs program visit the website.