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With high winds across the Rocky Mountains and Red Flag warnings up across the central Colorado Rockies, Monarch Mountain Ski Resort announced this morning that it will not be open today, Tuesday, April 5.

Winds gusting over 60 miles per hour (mph) began last night and are expected to continue today, with gusts up to 80 mph as Colorado experiences a prolonged high wind event that is expected to continue until mid-week. The high winds are the double push of a strong cold front and a strong jet stream pushing directly over the central Rockies.

Monarch is one of the higher ski resorts in the state, sitting at 11,000 ft. High winds make it dangerous to operate ski lifts and increase the risks for skiers, especially on the higher slopes. The strong wind gusts have the potential to raise the threat of fire danger in many areas of the state.

The ski resort says that it plans to resume normal operations on Wednesday, April 6, assuming the wind event has moved out from over the central Rockies.