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The most recent snowstorm has delivered a welcome gift that is cold, wet — and welcome. In fact, shouts of joy could be said to be heard all along the Arkansas River Valley as local skiers and boarders rejoice. This afternoon Monarch Mountain Resort announced that tomorrow, December 1, will be the opening day for the mountain.

Monarch Mountain (Photo Courtesy of Powder Alliance)

Monarch Mountain has announced that it will open with four lifts operating: Caterpillar, Pioneer, Tumbalina, and Panorama. It will announce which runs are open tomorrow.

Located at an elevation of 11,960 feet on Monarch Mountain in the Pike, San Isabel National Forest, the total area on which one can ski is spread across 800 acres. it doesn’t just offer ski runs with spectacular views, it includes a snow rafting area, instructional programs  and equipment rentals.

The legendary ski area is a “real snow” mountain — meaning that it has no artificial snowmaking equipment. What falls is the ski resort’s base of the cold white stuff. You can’t get more real than that. It’s part of the genuine charm of Chaffee County’s “hometown” resort.

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