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On February 8, an initiative of Chaffee County Public Health and the Substance Abuse Regional Coalition was unveiled. Ark Valley Recovery is a free service to help those struggling with alcohol and drug abuse get on the road to recovery.

This program is a recovery coach and a peer support network that covers Chaffee, Custer, Fremont and Lake Counties. Ark Valley Recovery has a team of more than 30 coaches who have lived experiences with addiction, some who have spent time in prison or jail, who are now in long-term recovery. They have all been trained through a national certification process and focus on day-to-day living, improving, and reaching individual goals.

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“They all have some deeply lived experience,” explained spokesperson Mike Orrill “What we’re hoping this will do is provide another layer of peer recovery support from what’s currently offered.”

Using motivational conversation and innovative, compassionate, strength-based strategies, Ark Valley Recovery helps their clients:

  • Explore their wants, needs, and choices, gain clarity, create a plan for change and move into action while embracing forward-thinking
  • Maintain the gains they have achieved in treatment
  • Identify and address triggers and vulnerabilities to create the most effective recovery environment
  • Improve and/or maintain their motivation for treatment and recovery
  • Explore their options for treatment and recovery
  • Help each person focus on their strengths, to help build their confidence and their ability to maintain change
  • Connect them with resources available in the community for things such as detox, medication (if needed), meetings, counseling, housing, employment and more.

Ark Valley Recovery is on call from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. To contact them, call 719-999-7337.