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After almost a year, the City of Salida has an eye-appealing new website that provides a more user-friendly experience. The city’s former website was 11 years old, difficult to keep fresh and awkward to navigate. The new website was unveiled during the Salida City Council meeting on November 2. The old website also was not mobile responsive, but the updated site allows access from any device. The goals of the new website were to:

City of Salida new website, sections of home page. Courtesy image

  • provide timely and proactive information for the community
  • provide an opportunity for two-way communication
  • allow access to online fillable forms where residents can get in contact with staff easily
  • positions the city to be a primary source of city news

According to city officials, the new site “showcases the city in words and photos as the vibrant and active community that it is.”

Icons help guide users to the most frequently used pages.  Simple menus and hot button links also provide great navigation to related content, reducing the number of “clicks” it takes to get exactly the desired information.

Links allow users to move forward and backward and arrive at their destination no matter their starting point.  A special “Transparency” page will link key information on paid bills, budgets, elected officials, open records requests and many other areas important to residents.  Job openings are also shown.

City of Salida new website project partners. Images Courtesy Slate Communications

A Colorado firm, Slate Communications led the project and worked with city staff on the design, getting input from all departments on what information would be most useful and how best to display it.  The website is custom designed and unique to the city, with a whole new integrated color palette and clean, easy to read typefaces. Slate worked with the platform host, Municode who helped migrate content from the old site to the new.

Municode is a leading provider of municipal content management systems.  They are the manager of the new site, the same as the legacy platform. Municode specializes in local government websites and provides the tools that local governments need to connect with their residents. They programmed the entire site working alongside Slate Communications and city staff to create the perfect site for Salida.

While the main pages are in place and the site is “LIVE”, the team is continuing to fine-tune details, add links and enhance the content.  Click here to check out the new website.