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Planning to ensure school safety for the upcoming school year got an important next step forward for Salida Public Schools last week. A July 19 meeting hosted by Salida Schools Superintendent Dr. David Blackburn at the new Crest Academy School, focused on a review of the Salida Schools Emergency Operating Plan (EOP).

The Salida School District held a 2022 Summer Emergency Operating Plan Review Meeting on July 19. Courtesy photo.

The four-hour-long session was attended by leaders from Salida Schools, The City of Salida, Salida Police Department, Salida Fire Department, Salida Communications Center (Dispatch), Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado State Patrol, Solvista Health, Full Circle Restorative Justice, and Chaffee County DHS (Department of Human Services).

The assembled entities reviewed the District’s EOP, offering their expertise and knowledge to refine the document. The plan outlines response and responsibilities during an emergency incident at one of the Salida Schools campuses. Given the Sept. 23, 2021 incident that occurred during this past school year and the missed opportunities to communicate, this session would seem to be a very positive step forward. The plan is still in draft form,

According to the Salida School District Communications Assistant and School Board Secretary Kim LeTourneau, “The meeting was very productive, featured open and thoughtful conversation, and lasted for four hours. The EOP will continue to be refined and polished before presentation to the school board at the August meeting of the board prior to the opening of schools for the ’22-’23 school year.”