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Courtesy of Solvista Health

Solvista Health’s new Mental Health Minute focuses on tips and reminders that will be helpful while physically distancing at home.  This week, working from home and having your kids do their schoolwork from home is the video’s topic of discussion.

Coping with constant family interaction and taking advantage of the time together is highlighted within the video. Though this video is specific to COVID-19, the practices discussed within it are good for your overall health and wellness.

Additionally, Solvista Health will offer free Zoom support group meetings that are open to any community member. The support groups encompass a variety of topics including grief, exercise, substance use/recovery, cooking, and more.

Solvista Health continues to deliver behavioral health services via telehealth and telephone. To contact them, call 719-275-2351.

Their message to parents and kids “Give yourself a minute of mindfulness today.”