The Bookmarks For Burritos program was launched one year ago this September by The Partnership for Community Action (PfCA) in conjunction with the Salida Regional Library and all Salida-area school libraries. Now, the Bookmarks for Burritos team is looking for the next winning images to be made into free bookmarks. Image winners will be featured on bookmarks available in all Salida library locations.

MO Burrito Logo (Courtesy Facebook)

According to Sellars Project Space/PfCA, “To enter the contest, forms can be picked up at the Salida Regional Library. Partnership for Community Action collects submissions regularly and scans them into our website. Visitors to the site can then vote online for their favorite image. Round 3 voting will begin once enough entries have been received.”

Winners are announced periodically, with their art being made into shareable bookmarks. Contest rules say that each winner also receives a free Mo’Quito burrito from Salida’s MO Burrito, one of the programs’ sponsors.”

The Bookmarks for Burritos program asks that anyone looking to learn more about the program itself or wanting to view images of other submissions, to visit