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A well has been drilled in South Sudan thanks to a sponsorship by Salida Middle School sixth graders. Students raised $9,227 in donations for Water for South Sudan (WFSS) which provides access to clean water and hygiene education in rural villages and schools in South Sudan.

Following a reading of A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park in Mr. Lamond’s sixth grade language arts class, students gravitated to the idea of water conservation and awareness. As a result of discussions from the book and other outside sources students were inspired to raise funds to support small communities in need of access to clean water.

Image courtesy of the Salida School District.

As previously covered by Ark Valley Voice, funds were raised by conducting a penny war between cohorts, participation in a water challenge, and gaining sponsorships for a water walk. Students carried water in five-gallon jerry cans from the Arkansas River to the top of Tenderfoot Mountain and back to return water to the river, helping them internalize how difficult it is for families in the Sudan to obtain clean drinking water.

The new well, drilled at the Alel-chock Primary Health Care Unit in Western Bahr el Ghazal State in South Sudan, is now providing clean water and sustainability for the community it serves.

Although parts of South Sudan continue to experience unrest, WFSS has been able to continue drilling wells safely through their grassroots efforts. Those interested can type the well’s GPS coordinates, 7.777847 27.978129, into their browser to see the location and the area that will benefit from the new water source.

This well was made possible by the dedication of SMS sixth graders and staff, the Salida School community, and friends and family of the sixth-grade class. WFSS has sent their gratitude and thanks to the Salida community for their support and generosity.