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Just when we all thought there was a fix set up to resolve the looming property tax increases for Coloradoans, a conservative group has launched a legal challenge to the ballot measure planned for the November General Election that would take the edge off the property tax spikes by increasing the cap on state revenue.

Colorado’s 11th Hour Reprieve from Higher Property Taxes

SB23- 303 was proposed to save taxpayers more than $1 billion on their property taxes, averting some, but not all of the property tax increase.

According to Section 3 of the Bill Summary, it requires the secretary of state to refer a ballot issue to voters at the November 2023 election that asks voters whether property taxes should be reduced. The same bill seeks voter approval to retain and spend excess state revenues that will be used to backfill some of the reduced property tax revenue.

But a group calling itself “Advance Colorado”, together with Englewood City Council member Steven Ward filed a lawsuit on Monday in Denver County District Court that directly challenge the measures.

The lawsuit alleges that SB23-303 violates the state constitution’s single-subject rule for legislation and clear intent provisions.

Exactly why anyone would purposely block a measure intended to prevent Colorado property taxes from rising a projected 40 to 60 percent next year — attempting to hold the increases to perhaps 20 to 30 percent to prevent massive taxpayer property tax shock — is anyone’s guess.  But there it is.

Featured image: Colorado Senate Chambers. Courtesy image.