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An Oklahoma man remains in custody at the Chaffee County Jail facing multiple charges in both Chaffee and Gunnison County after being arrested Monday on charges of possession of explosives, theft counts, and unlawful possession of a concealed weapon.

Mark McSherry, 39, was originally contacted by deputies after a report of disorderly conduct near the Monarch Crest Gift Shop atop Monarch Pass on Monday.

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While rural residents might tend to think of the danger from pipe bombs as something far away, authorities call Monday’s arrest of an Oklahoma man on the borders of Chaffee and Gunnison counties who possessed homemade pipe bombs “very concerning”.

The Gunnison County Times reported McSherry originally told deputies there were pipe bombs left near the gift shop, but none were found. Officers told the paper McSherry appeared ‘a bit confused’ while talking to them.

A search of a remote campsite off U.S. 50 over the Gunnison County line revealed at least three pipe bombs, two ‘apparent hand grenades,’ powder for making more explosives along with transmitters/receivers and batteries.

The Times reported McSherry told Chaffee County Deputy Anthony Avila he was making the bombs to function as remote-controlled devices. He allegedly told other deputies he had the devices because ‘the end of the world is coming.’

The Montrose Press reported the Gunnison County Sheriff’s Department contacted both the Fort Carson explosive ordnance disposal team and the Colorado Springs Bomb Squad, which located the components for making the devices within McSherry’s campsite.

The Press quoted Gunnison County Undersheriff Adam Murdie saying on Wednesday, “I think it’s highly concerning for everyone. By the amount of materials located during a search of the campsite, people should be highly concerned about that.”

No further details were released about the incident at the gift shop at the top of the pass in Chaffee County.

The Gunnison County Sheriff’s Office also notified the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms about the case, and the dual investigation continues.