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The keywords here are “continuing false claims”.

As in: the continued insistence — despite all evidence to the contrary — that the 2020 presidential election was stolen and that the fault lies with Dominion Voting System and its employees. The continued defamation regarding unverified election fraud by Colorado Springs radio show host Joel Oltmann has resulted in a strengthened lawsuit claiming additional damages from the continuing defamation and slander.

Dominion voting system with a sample ballot. Photo courtesy of AP

In Dec. 2020, Coomer filed suit against former president Donald Trump and several of his supporters who within a few days of the November election, had put out what appears to be the completely bogus claim that the results of the election had been manipulated.

The strengthened lawsuit, filed by former Dominion Voting System Vice President of Product Strategy and Security Dr. Eric Coomer, is based on evidence that not only was Oltmann one of the original sources of the “Big Lie” (based on unverified election fraud claims) that the 2020 election was rigged; he was the person who the suite claims first pointed the finger at Coomer.

Joe Oltmann is a founding partner and a chief executive officer of PIN Business Network; a data tech company. He is the host of the Conservative Daily Podcast. He was recently interviewed by Michelle Malkin and has continued to make repeated unfounded allegations against Coomer claiming election fraud.

Oltmann is the source of the completely unproven claim that there was  “an Antifa conference call” where the rightwing podcaster claims that Coomerhad tampered with the company’s machines to steal the election from Trump. Oltmann stated he had learned of the conspiracy by infiltrating an Antifa (short for “anti-fascist”) conference call.

According to the Courthouse News Service, on his call Oltmann said a man named Eric told the group, “Trump is not gonna win. I made f-ing sure of that.” According to the lawsuit, Oltmann then honed in on Eric Coomer by googling the terms “Eric,” “Dominion,” and “Denver, Colorado.”

But neither Oltmann, Rudi Guiliani or any of the other Trump supporters who have filled social media with these claims has produced any valid evidence to support it. According to Oltmann, he got off the Sept. 2020 call and immediately took a screenshot of the conference. The problem is, the date on the screenshot he claims proves his claim doesn’t match. The evidence they say they have,  has been shown to have date timestamps that don’t match when Oltmann says he made the screenshots.

The lawsuit says, “Dr. Coomer has no knowledge of an alleged ‘Antifa Conference Call, and did not participate in such alleged call; Dr.Coomer did not make the comments Defendants falsely attribute to him, and Dr. Coomer did not take actions to subvert the presidential election as defendants falsely allege.  ”

If it is proven that Oltmann lied under oath, he faces some stiff penalties under Colorado CRS 18-5-502 which defines first-degree perjury as lying under oath in an official proceeding. A class 4 felony, 1st-degree perjury carries 2 to 6 years in prison and/or $2,000 to $500,000 in fines. A common defense is that the false statement was not significant enough to be material.

Coomer, who makes his home in Salida, has been in hiding for more than a year, as rightwing Trump supporters have issued death threats. Coomer is represented by law firm Cain & Skarnulis PLLC.

According to Coomer’s attorneys, this is one of the few cases that could help the country understand how Republicans and conservative media outlets coordinated to legitimize the lies about the results of the 2020 election.

Coomer’s lawsuit is currently pending in a Colorado court, where the defendants, including Rudy Giuliani, are attempting to have the case dismissed using Colorado’s anti-SLAPP law, a rule that is designed to protect journalists from frivolous lawsuits. But if the case proceeds, it is likely that it will head to the Colorado Supreme Court next year.