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Ark Valley Voice Fall Membership Drive Ends at 12:00 Midnight Friday


Before our drive ends this Friday night at 12:00 Midnight, the Ark Valley Voice Crew of reporters, copy editors, digital/tech and membership support would love for you to join us as a new or returning member with a donation of any amount. Frankly, having delayed our summer drive to become a nonprofit so all donations are now 100 percent tax deductible, we need the support more than ever.

Your support helps us fund transparent and unbiased reporting coverage of county and city governments, economic developments, climate change and sustainable resource protection, support of democracy, recreation and the arts, community events, and community programs. Donations from people all over the country also help us cover critical topics like the threats to our democracy and the upcoming Nov. 8 General Election.

Avv xmas in aug leaderboardWe know. Flamingos are fun in August, and should fly south in September (although probably not to Florida right now). Ours will take off at 12:00 Midnight Friday. Having been a nonprofit news organization for less than a month and having delayed our summer drive to be able to announce our tax-deductible status, the flamingos stayed around to help us explain the shift and ask for your support. A donation of any amount will make you a member-partner in our public service to the community.

As a reader of our work, we think you value what we do. We hope you cheer along with us when our journalism spursĀ  discussions, occasional questions, and we hope, a curiosity to know more — to understand. This meets our mission to be a voice in pursuit of truth in the Upper Arkansas Valley by providing objective, factual journalism that supports an informed community, civil discourse, and government accountability while reflecting the values of the community.

Today, we’re asking you to invest in Ark Valley Voice. Your donation makes you a member. By becoming an AVV member you’ll help support our public service mission offering news free to all, spurring accountability, creating an informed population, and assuring that truth has a voice

Here’s the donation link — do scroll down to look at the giving levels, and what each level can fund.

Support Quality, Local Journalism

“Thank you.”