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Onward Education Consultants has begun focus group sessions in the past couple of weeks, as part of the strategic planning process for the Salida School District. They report a gratifying response and shared that the Salida community is thoughtful, has brought incredible insight to the focus groups, and ideas for what the future of Salida Schools should look like.

As the initial focus group portion of the process is a critical component of the larger strategic planning process and they are interested in hearing from multiple perspectives from the community, additional focus group times have been added to the calendar.

Anyone (parents, staff, interested community members) may contact Kim LeTourneau at or 719-530-5225 for information about attending upcoming sessions.

Onward Education Consultants was selected by the district’s board of education following a unanimous yes vote at the board meeting held in June 2021. Onward will facilitate the strategic planning process, with a particular focus on what the community hopes the district can provide to prepare a Salida graduate to be successful in life.

Image courtesy of the Salida School District.

At the end of the first phase of the process, which includes the community and staff focus groups, Onward will then report back to the community to ensure they captured the critical themes, before developing a community committee to refine the direction of the process. The Board of Education expects a final presentation by February 2022 to support improvement planning for the 2022-23 school year.

Focus groups and community meetings will be held in person. There will be at least one dedicated Zoom meeting, and other meetings could be shifted to remote if deemed necessary due to viral circumstances.

The current Salida School District strategic plan, was last revised in 2017. It can be found at under the About the District tab. With the addition of Colorado Mountain College to the Salida community and significant shifts in the world in recent years, the Salida School District made the decision that it was time for a fresh look at how to best serve students.