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The threat to our democracy is still here – and it’s real.

Just hear the words of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who spoke over Memorial Day Weekend, as we honored our military heroes who gave their lives to defend our country – that a Myanmar-style coup “should happen” here.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Photo was taken during a summer 2020 protest, by Fred Moon for Unsplash.

A former high-ranking former government official (despite pleading guilty to lying to the FBI about the Russia investigation, and being pardoned by Donald Trump at the end of his presidency) appears to have called for the overthrow of the government.

Flynn was answering a question at a Dallas event titled “For God and Country Patriot Roundup” from a man who identified himself as a Marine, who asked why what happened in Myanmar “can’t happen here?”

Flynn responded “No reason. I mean it should happen here. No reason. That’s right.”

The Myanmar military staged a deadly coup in February that overthrew the democratically-elected government and has since used violent means to suppress protest and democratic institutions.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Flynn also reiterated the false claim that Trump won the 2020 election at the session, which included many QAnon followers and those who believe and repeat The Big Lie.

While the Democratic response will be forceful and outraged, it won’t change what was said by Flynn, which will undoubtedly inspire the Big Lie proponents and their minions, perhaps to more violence — just as we saw at the Capitol almost five months ago on Jan. 6.

The individuals in combat gear are police officers at the Colorado Capitol separating Pro-Trump protesters from Joe Biden Supporters. Photo was taken at the Colorado State Capitol in Denver, November 7 2020, shortly after the election was called in favor of Joe Biden, as people were gathering to Celebrate Biden’s victory. Photo by Colin Lloyd for Unsplash.

One of the other members of the Trump brigade, scorned lawyer Sidney Powell, who has represented Flynn in the past, as well as Trump in his imaginary quest to prove he didn’t lose the election, also spoke at the Dallas event.

Her message; that the ex-president “should simply be reinstated.” She added that “A new inauguration day is set.” Really?

Let that sink in for a moment.

Sure, Powell was ridiculed for her court argument that she could not be held accountable for any fraudulent claims because no one in their right mind would believe her (not joking), but true to character, she defended Flynn’s comments that some call seditious as being “grossly distorted” by the media.

No the threat to our democracy is still here, a clear and present danger.