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While the last pay phones in Manhattan were recently removed, Salida seems to have at least one left – and a newer one at that. Yet they have been steadily disappearing all over the country, in favor of the omnipresent cell phones most people carry. Perhaps there may still be a market for these remnants from the technology boneyard.

Working payphone outside Sweeties Sandwich Shop, 129 West Sackett Street in Salida. Merrell Bergin photo

While walking downtown regularly and trying to be observant, this (new!) pay phone went unnoticed by this reporter until just recently.

Yes, we spotted an actual, working pay phone outside Sweeties Sandwich Shop, located at 129 West Sackett Street in Salida.

It appears to be from a small provider, charging $1 for four minutes. It even features a printed phone directory; although given the continuous shift toward personal mobile phones, who knows how current the directory may be. While the phone “booth” does have two stickers on it, it is clean and attractive.

The question of the day for watchful readers is: are there any others in any of our Chaffee County municipalities, and if so where?

Readers are asked to email a photo and location to We’ll update the list and provide a map as a public service to residents and visitors.

Bonus points for anyone actually testing one of these phones and reporting on their experience, good or bad.

Featured image: Payphone closeup photo courtesy James Sutton on