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After a packed and contentious Planning Commission meeting last Thursday that went until 11 p.m. , a big agenda item, consideration of Alison Brown’s outfitting facility limited impact review, was rescheduled. A special Planning Commission meeting will be held Monday, Nov. 5 beginning at 5:30 p.m. in the Commissioners meeting room in Salida.

The Ark Valley Voice has received a letter to the editor about the hearing, which pits local government against rural property rights:

Chaffee County issued a staff report and documents last week outlining it’s position. The report recommends conditions regarding Browns property use and her well, as well as severely limiting her use of the private road by which she accesses her property. In what could appear to be broad government overreach of a rural property owner, it even recommends limiting friends who happen to be fox hunters from coming to her home.

Our earlier article about the issues at stake in this hearing can be viewed at:

County staff report on outfitting facility application contains multiple conditions